Missing bits of the tree....

Friday, 25 May 2012

Well bit of a mystery that I've been working on the maternal side of the family.  I do this all the time, I hit a brick wall and then go onto something else.  Anyway, I'm now looking at the Brynarsky or Brynarski side of the family.  So going through the old photos I got from my Aunt was one of a Stanley Bednarsk as it is written on the photo.

But this is is a clearer picture of his face - not sure why I have them or who exactly he is.

Anyone know?  I'd sure love to plug him into the family tree if anyone knows where he goes!  Check out the tree as I found loads of Brynarsky's to add to the tree. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The 1940 Census! 

The 1940 Census is now free on Ancestry.  If you know where to look for your ancestors you should be able to find them.  It's not indexed which is probably why it's free but make the most of the opportunity while you can - it doesn't come around often.

I've found my Dad as well as my Mom with just a bit of searching - mostly for my Dad as they moved after 1930.  Not far but enough that I had to go through about 100 sheets - yes, I'm a bit cross-eyed now.

I'll update my Rootsweb file in a bit once I've had a chance to add what I have found.  I also found other family members - not exactly my line of search but since I came across them I saved the record and will add just to have them in case others do not.

Have fun searching!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

I've updated some of the tree - taken out a few people who aren't related, updated some files, and added a bit to some of the names.  Leave a Post-em on the page if something is wrong and I'll correct it as and when I can.  Thanks.

Updated Family Tree

Friday, 1 April 2011

Well I've deleted a number of people from my tree who aren't in my line or have little to do with the family in general. I still have a long ways to go with it - sometimes you just get carried away with all you can find on-line and keep adding without thinking - I'm going to have to verify that in some way.

Also what would be helpful is if people didn't e-mail me asking about someone in the tree and information I have on them. While they are there within the tree, I can as is normal vouch only for my immediate family. I don't have documentation on everyone in my tree - who could?! I understand people's need for knowing but honestly - do you think I have some hidden document for a 4th or 5th cousin? I don't, sorry.

Almost all information I do have is within the listing - if I have verified it via some source it will be there. If you don't see one that is a big clue that I haven't verified it or that it was imported via one of the various sites that allows for GED.COM downloads.

I also don't give out e-mail addresses. If you post a note on Rootsweb I leave it there for others to find - I've never deleted them. I just don't believe in giving out information that isn't mine to give. I know others give this out but I'm an old net school kind of gal.... =)


Saturday, 22 May 2010

I've updated the tree on Rootsweb a bit ago. It now contains less names than before but I have tried to delete the names of people who have cropped up into the tree from imports but have no relation to the Salisbury's. Not much else is new. I hear from a few family members but it seems that e-mail is not very entertaining. Sorry about that but Facebook just so isn't me. =( Been working a bit too hard at work and not enough on the tree. Hopefully when holiday rolls around I'll be able to make some more headway on that. Till then....

The Journey Begins...

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Well this is the first posting to the Salisbury Dynasty blog. I have been trying to find a way to document my meanderings in the family tree search and perhaps this will be the way to begin. At least you get to join in on the fun.

I'll soon figure out a way to show graphically the tree but for now you'll have to live with what I have put on Rootsweb. Back before you know it....